Криштиану Роналду

Инстаграм португальского футболиста, одного из лучших футболистов мира. Последние фотографии в Инстаграм Криштиану Роналду.

Встречается с российской супермоделью Ириной Шейк.

Аккаунт: @cristiano



We’re in the final of the Club World Cup. Hala Madrid!



Thank you BBC for choosing me as 2014 Overseas Sports Personality. It’s very rewarding to win this award.



My mother is, without any doubt, a mother courage. I feel very thankful and proud to be her son and to have her in my life.



I had the pleasure and privilege to get to know Nelson Mandela in 2010. Madiba will always remain in my heart and his legacy is an inspiration for all. The Global Watch anti-racism-summit in Johannesburg, is a Nelson Mandela legacy initative for a non-racial, peaceful and prosperous world. The football community has to say it out loud: racism has no place in our game, in sports or in life.

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